Research and Biotechnology

Proteins are key macromolecules to life. Their study improves the quality of people’s life, because we can understand the mechanisms of the development of organisms and diseases. Almost all drug therapies involve the action of molecules on proteins or the application of proteins as biopharmaceuticals. In addition, proteins are routinely used as enzymes in diagnostic tests and bioprocessing.

Our Mission

To promote science by highly specialized projects on the production and analysis of proteins and peptides.

Our Vision

As a group strongly engaged in scientific research, we are passionate by knowledge.


Meticulous hard work is the foundation that drives us toward our aims.


To achieve trustworthy results, we follow strict guidelines during our experimental work.

Biotechnology is the expression of our creativity and because of that we always try something new and assist our collaborators to find new solutions for their problems.

We enjoy establishing new partnerships, because we believe that every project has the potential to improve the way we live and to change the way we see our world.

​We aim publishing our research results in the best scientific journals, because we have commitment with high quality science.


We have a great responsibility to transfer our knowledge to the population by communicating our research results and developing new biotechnological processes and prototypes.

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